Passive Fishing

The license provides a right to passive fishing with bait (like earthworms) with up to 3 fishing rods at the same time in lakes designated as «Meitefiskevann». One have to be present during fishing and be able to present the license card on request.

Note: Leaving fishing implements in use is forbidden.

The designated lakes are mainly in the vicinity of the city, where pike, perch and various species of carp dominates.

Trout may be present as well, and is often caught as bycatch.

Sandungene (Store and Vesle) is in this category as an exeption, in order to provide an option for effective passive ice fishing with bait for trout.

In the lakes and ponds in this category it is required to release carp-fish and eel. Fishing for carp requires use of a knotless landing net and a wet unhooking mat. Remember to wet the hands in the water before handling fish for release.

Right to passively fish with 3 rods at the same time. Note: It is not allowed to leave fishing implements when in use. One is required to be present during fishing.

Bogstadvannet, Harestuvannet, Sandungene, Skillingene, Sognsvann and Strykenvatnet.


Fløyta, Fri-Elvåga, Geitsjøen, Gjersrudtjern, Morterudvannet, Mønevann, Nøklevann, Rolandsjøen, Røyrivannet, Skraperudtjern, Stensrudtjern, Sværsvann/Setertjern, Syverudtjern, Ulsrudvann and Østensjøvannet* (*Only ice fishing allowed).

Dikemarkvanna (i.e. Verkensvannet, Ulvenvannet and Svinesjøen) and Oppsjøen.