Belly Boat

In some select, medium to large lakes it is allowed to fish from bellyboat. In these waters it is not allowed to fish from boat/canoe.

Inflatable pontoon boats with oars are counted as boats and thus prohibited. These waters are seen as too small for regular boat fishing, as quick trolling back and forth will bother anglers on land.

Bellyboats are to be propelled using swimfins.

Blankvann, Bleiksjøen, St.Daltjuven, Elvann and Langvann, St. Fidlingen, Grimsvatnet, Store Gørja, Hakklokroktjern, Kalvsjøen, Nordvannet, St. Tryvann, St. Åklungen, L. Åklungen and Svartvatn(near Løndalshøgda).


Gjersrudtjern, Hauktjern, Langvannet (near Østmarkkapellet), Skraperudtjern and Steinsjøen.