General Rules

The following rules apply for fishing in OFA’s area as of 01.04.17:
(These are found printed in Norwegian on all OFA fishing licenses.)

  1. All over the age of 18 years are required to present a fishing license if requested by a fishery protection officer. All under the age of 18 years may fish for free without a license in OFAs area.
  2. The license provides the right to fish with one fishing implement in all of OFAs waters and rivers. For some waters only fly fishing is allowed.
  3. The license provides the right to fish with up to two rods from boat, in waters defined as «Båtfiskevann»
  4. The license provides the right to fish from float tube/bellyboat in waters defined as «Flyteringfiskevann».
  5. The license also provides the right to passively fish with bait using up to three fishing rods in waters defined as «Meitefiskevann». One has to be present during fishing, it is not allowed to leave fishing implements in use.
  6. It is not allowed to fish in rivers and brooks, or near the outlets of these, during the period between september 15. to november 15. The protected area around larger outlets is set at around 100 meters, while one is expected to show discretion around smaller outlets. During this period it is still allowed to fish in the rest of the lake or pond in question.
  7. Akerselva: Regular fishing rules apply in the upper parts of the river. For fishing rules in the anadromous zone, click here.
  8. The license does not provide the right to fish with otter board, pike scissors or net/traps/longline
  9. The minimum size allowed for trout is 25cm. Its recomended to use «catch & release» on trout larger than 35cm in «Størstemålsvann», it is also recomended that pike larger than 70cm is released back into the lake. In the waters designated as «Meitefiskevann» it is required to release caught common carp, crucian carp, tench and eel. Remember to wet your hands in the water before touching fish you are going to release.
  10. Crayfishing requires purchase of a separate crayfish license.