Maximum Size Limits

In the designated maximum size lakes («Størstemålsvann») there is a maximum size for trout at 35cm. Any catch at or above 35cm is to be released. Trout within the size range of 25-34cm can be kept.

In these waters fishing with bait such as worms is prohibited, otherwise all other legal sport fishing implements are allowed.

These regulations exist to provide varied sport fishing options. Targeted cultivation of large fish, in an area near a city with high fishing pressure, requires a form of limit on size for caught fish.

In most forest lakes around Oslo trout grows quickly up to 30cm, then starts to spend more and more energy on reproduction rather than further growth. For a trout to grow properly large, and thus provide a higher value for sport fishing, it will require time. Trout that reaches 35cm in these lakes will therefore be given the opportunity to slowly grow even larger. Mark and recapture studies have shown that the largest fish has the highest capture rate in the small and medium sized ponds and lakes.

The goal of these regulations is to cultivate a few lakes and ponds with small populations of older trout, to support catch and release fishing.

The nutritional value of an old trout in these waters is normally a lot lower than that of a younger fish below the maximum size limit.

All trout above 35cm caught in these waters is to be released. Fishing with bait such as worms is prohibited.

Ekornputten, Halstjern, Handkleputten, Kveldsrostjern, Langsmaltjern, Lomtjern (near Svarttjernet), Møkkalitjerna, Purktjern, Svarttjern (near Grimsvatn) and Veslesjøen.



Biritjern and Grastjern.